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Best Restaurants in the Seacoast

Taste of the Seacoast has extended their annual “Best of Taste” competition for another week and will now close voting on April 26. Be sure to get your vote in an support your favorite places to grab a bite.  Portsmouth is continuously recognized as a top tier restaurant town with dozens of outstanding places to choose from. I know my favorites, what are yours? 

Click here to cast your vote! The categories up for grabs are:

The Sections:
1. Best Restaurants
2. Best Dishes
3. Best Ethnic Cuisine
4. Best Inexpensive Eats
5. Best Beverages, Bars and Nightlife
6. Best Breakfast and Lunch
7. Best Desserts and Bakeries
8. Best Specialty Foods and Markets
9. Best Events and Stays
10. Best Restaurant* (required vote)
11. Best Regional Restaurants

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